Community Care Model


When seniors come in contact with the health system and community is an opportunity to connect them to resources.  The projects of KayBee.Us will help connect seniors to services.


With an initial home visit, KayBee.Us listens to the story of each family.  Each story speaks about current worries, past experiences, and immediate needs for KayBee.Us to begin piecing together a support system around caregivers and seniors.


KayBee.Us knows the hard work in aging safely at home.  Partnering with caregivers, families, providers, and community resources, KayBee.Us connects seniors to an ongoing plan centered around communication, a current & future plan, and a growing number of senior solutions in the community.


A majority of seniors in our communities live with at least one chronic illness. KayBee.Us's senior concierge services include a nurse expert.  Partnering with caregivers, KayBee.Us can help proactively monitor the health & well-being of seniors, attend medical appointments, and communicate care plans to all providers and family members.