Hourly Pricing + Services


Services of KayBee can be coordinated as needed, or in monthly packages.



$75/hour — Let KayBee do the talking.  If you don't feel heard about a medical issue or insurance has you jumping through hoops, KayBee is here to advocate for you. 

Medical appointments

$100/hour— When you cannot be there, KayBee nurses can.  We have attended hundreds of medical appointments with seniors and can help answer their questions, coordinate follow-up, communicate with the care team, and spend time making sure your parent understands what to do at home to stay well.  The costs of per hour include travel time of nurses, time at appointment and all the follow-up communication after the appointment.

Home Visit

$100/hour — Sometimes you just need a nurse's help at home.  Your parent  may be having re-occurring symptoms impacting their daily life or losing weight. KayBee allows families to hire their own nurse in time of need.  The costs of per hour include travel time of nurses, time at your parent's home, and all the follow-up communication after the visit.  As part of KayBee's monthly packages, our nurses enjoy regular home visits to monitor health and well-being of our senior clients.  


Prices vary — As your support system, KayBee can do a little bit of everything.  From setting up grocery delivery to scouring Amazon for the perfect wheelchair for your senior,  KayBee believes improving health and well-being takes more than just planning and talking about care.

Transitional Care

Prices vary — If your parent is being discharged from a hospital or health facility, hire KayBee to help ensure a safe transition back home. 


Cost of ride + $5 fee — In today's world of Uber and Lyft, there are easy solutions to keeping seniors mobile.  KayBee helps connect these solutions by being a point of contact to pre-schedule rides via KayBee's Lyft Concierge service.