How KayBee Works

KayBee is a group of nurses working side by side to coordinate the care of aging communities.

We support families who find themselves as the point person for coordinating all the needs of an aging loved one.

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We do not always know what we need until we start talking to someone who understands. Speaking to a KayBee Nurse Care Coordinator is a place to start when you do not know what questions to ask or where to begin. Complete an on-line contact form to let us know you need to talk.

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VALUE Centered goals

KayBee listens to your story to identify immediate needs, then begin the work of building support around you and your aging family member for ongoing and anticipated needs. Our value centered focus means we put families needs and goals at the center of each question before families.

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Create your Village

There is no one person who can take care of every aspect of aging in the right place. Luckily, KayBee has done the leg work for you to help build your village.

If you need a nurse care coordinator & advocate in your village, KayBee is here.

Everyone deserves a nurse in the family.