Extending the impact of

Community Paramedicine.


To most people the flashing lights of an ambulance mean a health emergency.   In a growing number of communities, an ambulance may just mean a follow-up visit for a senior neighbor. 

The idea is called community paramedicine. The story highlighted to explain the role of community paramedics is from 2006.  A 911 call led paramedics to the home of an elderly woman who had sprained her ankle.  Upon evaluation, the paramedics did not find any medical emergency.  Rather than walk away after doing their job, these paramedics took an extra step in setting up a primary care appointment for the woman and referred her for a home evaluation after seeing the many trip hazards in her home.



KayBee.Us expands upon the help of community paramedicine programs as providing a point of contact for families to help arrange support and services.  


Community Paramedicine aims to improve the health & wellness of a community by proactively addressing health care needs of residents.