Whether you are bringing home a loved one from a health facility or worried about a new diagnosis, who helps families understand all they need to know about being a caregiver?

  KayBee.Us does.


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KayBee.Us comes to you.  The RN Caregiver Coach© builds confidence in caregivers by understanding all the caregiver is already doing and where KayBee.Us can make life a little less hectic.

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KayBee.Us has been coordinating care for seniors since 2016.  When the health of an aging family member changes, life can become overwhelming.  KayBee.Us is here to help.

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With coaching comes support for the caregiver.  KayBee.Us has been to 50+ medical appointments, spent 100+ hours visiting seniors in-home, and driven 1,000+ miles running errands to help. 


Pricing & Questions

+ How much does an RN Caregiver Coach© cost?

Typically an initial session will run about 2 hours for $60.

+ How much does KayBee.Us charge for medical appointments & errands?

Medical appointments are $75 per visit. KayBee.Us offers care coordination packages where medical appointments are included.

Errand services vary by task.

Contact KayBee.Us for individual pricing.

+ What is care coordination?

Our well-being is more than our physical health. Care coordination is taking a big picture view of one's health. KayBee.Us helps a caregiver coordinate hospital stays, home therapies, doctor visits, medications, safe home environment, transportation, communication with family, nutrition, and social activites.

Hired by families to stay with families every step of the way.