What does Health Planner do for Medication Management?

The one-time medication management fee includes sitting with your parent to review medications, education, and creating a transportable medication list.  The detailed record includes the drug name, dosage, frequency, prescribing provider, the reason your parent takes the medication, and number of refills available.  Health Planner advocates also assist in finding solutions to safely administer and fill medications for your parent.  Your advocate will also alert you if there are cost issues or risks for adverse reactions.

How much does Medication Management cost?

Health Planner bundles Medication Management into a one-time $75 fee.  This fee covers a personal home visit with your parent, an assessment of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications, and creation of a transportable record.

What happens after contacting Health Planner?

  1.   Health Planner will personally contact you to arrange a time for a home visit and listen to your concerns.
  2.   Health Planner will sit with your parent and medications to ask questions and assess their compliance with and knowledge of medications.
  3.   Health Planner will compile detailed list of medications to share with parent and family members.
  4.   Health Planner will share any concerns and provide solutions to managing medications.
  5.   Health Planner is available to arrange further needed solutions for a possible additional fee. 
  6.   You choose to pay after the service is provided or monthly.