Indiana Leading the Way in Alzheimer's Research

Indiana Leading the Way in Alzheimer's Research

It’s hard to talk about caregiving in Indiana without mentioning dementia. So many of our seniors and caregivers have been affected by it. Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia is on the rise here in Indiana and across our country. Right now, the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Indiana reports that Indiana is home to 110,000 Hoosiers living with Alzheimer's disease and 338,000 unpaid caregivers. Think about that number – 110,000. That’s nearly the population of Evansville.

Just like the rest of the country, Indiana is dealing with the hurdles, stress, and unending questions about how to prevent Alzheimer’s and care for our loved ones living with the disease. But soon, solutions for treatment and prevention could be coming close to home.

The Indiana University School of Medicine just secured a research grant (of about $12 million) to help boost the work happening in their Alzheimer research unit (or, the National Centralized Repository for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias in Indianapolis).

With the grant, IU is hoping to expand their biological sample lab, and host scientists from around the world to expedite discoveries for an early detection method. At the top of their list is to create a blood test that would be able to tell medical providers early on if someone is developing, or at high risk to develop, Alzheimer’s disease.

Research is so critical with a disease like Alzheimer’s where much is still unknown regarding early detection, risk factors, or even a cure. As Indiana leads the way on finding breakthroughs, KayBee is focusing on the individuals living with the disease, and the caregivers holding it all together. With our seniors facing dementia or Alzheimer’s, we believe it’s important to think “big picture” about how to help them achieve the best quality of life. We focus on listening and attending to not just their medical needs, but their emotional, physical, and social needs, too. And with our caregivers, we know that some days are harder than others with this often-unpredictable disease. A community of support is critical for our caregivers, and Kaybee works to connect families through initiatives like Dementia Friends Indiana.

We’re excited to follow updates with this new research initiative in Indiana. You can read more about the grant, as well as the work of the IU repository here.