KayBee Nurse Care Coordinators are mobile experts in the community for families to hire.

A Care Coordinator is a new role created to support, advocate, and navigate aging Americans and their families through the changing landscape of healthcare and resources.

KayBee Nurse Care Coordinators spend their time communicating and building relationships with our clients and community resources to ensure care is coordinated at the highest level.

Every minute tracked and shared with our families via:

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Using a time tracking app with monthly invoicing, there is never any question where your care coordinator is spending their time.

A KayBee Nurse Care Coordinator Hourly Rate is $85

The value comes in knowing you have someone on your family’s team for the phone calls, the follow-up, the worry, and hands-on help for those next steps for you or your loved one.

When our families say we do not charge enough, we know we are doing our best work.

Sample Monthly Bill:

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Each family is unique, and KayBee is a new option for families & seniors to feel supported as they navigate growing concerns around health and safety.

Contact KayBee today to see how a care coordinator on your team can help you and your family!



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