KayBee connects you to a nurse monthly or weekly.

Included in each package is the time in coordinating resources and advocating for health goals to age in place.


$325/month —  Monthly visit + coordinating care


$750/month —  Weekly visit + coordinating care

SG Subscription service

$95/month— Available to adult children, KayBee becomes an accessible & knowledgeable resource for your family.

After an initial health interview, a KayBee nurse is a contact point to keep health information up-to-date and provide navigation during health set-backs for an aging parent. If families need extra hands to coordinate care, SG Subscription Service allows KayBee nurses to help at a reduced hourly rate.


Hourly Services

Family Substitute

As part of the SG Subscription Service, KayBee nurses are available for those moments you need expert navigation through the health system, help with a medical appointment, or safe transition from health facility to home.

$75/hr — Hourly rate for families a part of SG Subscription Service

Comprehensive Care Coordination

If you have an immediate need to help transition a parent between health facilities or needing placement in a health facility for their safety, KayBee offers an hourly rate to assist with transitional care and placement.

$85/hr — Care coordination hourly rate


Each family is unique, and KayBee is a new option for families & seniors to feel supported. Contact KayBee about your questions or check out our frequently asked questions.