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Diving in Head First: Part III

Sometimes the role of caregiver is gradual as you help a parent manage their health a bit more each passing year.  Other times the role reversal is more sudden and comes as a call from a health care facility who will not discharge a parent home for safety reasons.  Diving in Head First: Part III looks at the overall picture of your parent's health to determine how well they can answer two questions...

Diving in Head First: Part II

Part II of "Diving in Head First" is medication management.  Your parent may have compiled a list of drugs, and will proudly hand you a list.  This is a good start.  To get the most accurate picture of how they are personally managing medications, visit their home.  Once there, you want to roll up your sleeves, clear off a table, and drag out every bottle of medication prescribed and not prescribed (over the counter).   

Diving in Head First: Part I

This five-part series called "Diving in Head First" will walk you through the framework Health Planner advocates use with their families.  If you are taking on the role of caregiver, this publication series will help you quickly assess the situation and acquire needed information to organize care for an aging parent.

The first step is to organize information.  This publication tackles medical appointments.  Often, there is an appointment book, appointment reminder cards, a wall calendar or even a Google calendar.  Your parent may or may not know why they see each provider, which is not critical to know at the moment.