What is Health Coordination?

Coordinating the health of seniors involves more than managing the eight medications he takes or the annual doctor visits she has. Our health includes physical, social and mental aspects.  KayBee.Us partners with seniors, caregivers, family, and guardians to coordinate the growing number of resources needed to support the changes in independence and well-being.   

KayBee.Us is a Senior Concierge Service

The vision of KayBee.Us is accessible health coordination for every senior in our community.  The mission is to bring businesses and communities together to support seniors and caregivers as changes in health occur.  



Physical health involves a senior's nutrition, sleep, physical activity, weight, illnesses of the body, and home environment. Medical providers focus on physical health with office visits, procedures, and medications.  Social services and community-based organization may aid seniors with nutrition and home environment. The focus of physical health is keeping senior's bodies capable of independent living and reducing pain.

What does KayBee.Us do?

From initial home visits, KayBee.Us learns about current resources seniors rely on for living independently. Identifying caregivers and support networks, medical providers, and social services, KayBee.Us looks at the big picture of a senior's physical health to create a plan for staying safely independent.  Attending medical appointments with seniors, coordinating meal and grocery delivery, finding solutions for medication management, and coordinating home maintenance & repairs are a few examples how KayBee.Us has partnered with seniors and caregivers to meet physical health needs.



Social wellness refers to our ability to interact with our community and our sense of belonging from a defined role we play in our communities, families, and peer groups.  The physical aspects of aging take a toll on social health when the task of driving or leaving home is intimidating.  Seniors also experience changes in their role with family members and spouses as illnesses affect their physical and mental health.  

What does KayBee.Us do?

KayBee.Us brings the community to the senior in a meaningful way. Regular home visits allow seniors to talk out loud about these changing roles.  As KayBee.Us listens to seniors speak about their life work, hobbies, passions, likes, and dislikes, the information helps KayBee.Us connect seniors to social resources.  As a Lyft Concierge business, caregivers and seniors are a phone call away to transportation solutions.  KayBee.Us values keeping seniors active and social.  



Mental health deals with how we think, feel and cope with changes in life.  Mental also refers to our capacity to learn and engage with others.  Aging affects each brain differently.  Diseases of the brain impact seniors and their families in every community.

What does KayBee.Us do?

As the medical community learns more about the aging brain, KayBee.Us's mission is connecting seniors to their communities as they experience changes in mental health. Talking out loud about the changing roles seniors feel to assessing a senior's confidence with their medical health, KayBee.Us believes connecting the community to seniors improves mental health that impacts social and physical health.


What does KayBee.Us not do?

KayBee.Us does not provide skilled, non-medical or respite hands-on care.  Through community connections KayBee.Us has the expertise to connect seniors to such resources.  The vision of KayBee.Us is to provide accessible health coordination for every senior.  Health coordination is taking a big picture view of health and connecting resources to surround and support seniors and caregivers in the community.  If you have any questions, please contact KayBee.Us. Click here to contact →