Build a village around an aging parent.

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As we watch our parents grow older, we begin to realize the many challenges facing them.

You may spend your time worrying because you do not live near or you find yourself spending more and more time helping your parent.

As you juggle time with your own family, work and children, know KayBee was started by a nurse to help families in the community navigate the many challenges and questions you face.

Everyone deserves a nurse in the family.



KayBee values connecting families and seniors to solutions. KayBee is out in the community finding the needed resources to support our clients.

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Coordinating care feels like a full-time job. Medications and medical appointments are a small part of what KayBee does to help.

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Nurses are the most trusted profession for a reason. Helping you navigate changes in health that come with aging starts with a plan.

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Age in place with the help of nurses.

KayBee is leading the way in supporting aging communities through the help of nurses who care.

“The value of a KayBee Nurse Care Coordinator is the piece of mind knowing you are not alone. As our Care Coordinators live this journey with many families over an increasing number of years, we find ourselves knowing the right questions to ask and the right resources. We allow a place for families to go when they need answers or help.”
— Jean Ross, Nurse Founder of KayBee

We love our families!

And our families love us.