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Give the gift of time.


Caregiver coaching & support by a nurse.

care·giv·er  /ˈkerˌɡivər/

noun:  a family member or friend who regularly looks after another person

synonyms: caretaker, carer, guardian, keeper, protetctor

Not many people understand all the time caregivers give. 

Everyday seems to fly by as you stay on top of medications, watch for changes in health, call doctor offices, go to medical appointments, keep health records updated, pick-up drugs from the pharmacy, keep friends and family updated, and worry if you are doing everything right.     

KayBee.Us Supports Caregivers.


Know Your Score.

There is a number used to understand how caregiving is impacting you.

Learn your score. Know your number. Talk about your number.


How does KayBee.Us work?

KayBee.Us knows the role of caregiving is tough.  Check out Testimonials to understand the impact of KayBee.Us


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Goes to great lengths to make sure every detail is taken care of; nothing is overlooked.
— Jodi, Daughter-in-law
Thank you, Jean.
— Larry, Son
You have been so amazing! Thanks a bunch! You are a blessing!
— Maria, Daughter
Thank you for all that you do. We couldn’t come close to managing it without you!!!
— Tom, Son

The story of...

 In loving memory of Aunt Kathleen "Kay"Beeson   October 25, 1947 - July 25, 2017

In loving memory of Aunt Kathleen "Kay"Beeson

October 25, 1947 - July 25, 2017

KayBee.Us is named after the aunt of Founder, Jean Ross.  Kay Beeson was one of thirteen kids raised on the southside of Indianapolis.  She would meet and marry, Jim Beeson, and become the proud mother of 15 children.  Somehow she had endless energy and dedication to make everyone around her feel special.  Even with 90+ nieces and nephews, she was known in the family for sending a birthday card...every year

The stories of Aunt Kay's giving, positive, and loving nature are endless.  Inspired by her aunt, Jean started KayBee.Us to find ways to spread her energy and positivity to others.

As a nurse, Jean left critical care in 2015 to focus on transitions in care for seniors under Health Planner LLC.  After Aunt Kay's passing on July 25, 2017, Jean saw so much of her Aunt Kay in the caregivers she met along the way.  Understanding the needs of caregivers intimately, Jean wanted to find a way to help.  KayBee.Us began the mission to coach and support the people who selflessly take care of a loved one.