When aging gets tough, we're your support.

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Age with confidence. Age with independence. Age in place.

Whether you are the daughter worried about your parent’s safety or a widow living on your own, KayBee is here to support you with nurses who care.

Everyone deserves a nurse in the family.



KayBee values connecting families and seniors to solutions. KayBee is out in the community finding the needed resources to support our clients.

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Coordinating care feels like a full-time job. Medications and medical appointments are a small part of what KayBee does to help.

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Nurses are the most trusted profession for a reason. Helping you navigate changes in health that come with aging starts with a plan.

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Age in place with the help of nurses.

KayBee is leading the way in supporting aging communities through the help of nurses who care.

“The value of a KayBee nurse is the piece of mind knowing someone is supporting your health goals. Someone cares about your well-being as you enter new decades of living.”
— Jean Ross, Nurse Founder of KayBee

We love our families!

And our families love us.