KayBee: Age in place with the help of Nurse Care Coordinators.

KayBee was started by a critical care nurse who recognized the many challenges individuals face with their health and well-being as they age.

The mission of KayBee is to coordinate care for seniors and families to age safely in their communities. The vision of KayBee is every person over 65 has access to care coordination to purposefully organize their care to maximize health, well-being, and independence.

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Age in place with a Nurse Care


Care Coordination is deliberately organizing care to deliver appropriate health services maximizing the health and well-being of seniors.  The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defined the importance of care coordination for the following reasons:

  • Current health care systems are often disjointed, and processes vary among and between primary care sites and specialty sites.

  • Patients are often unclear about why they are being referred from primary care to a specialist, how to make appointments, and what to do after seeing a specialist.

  • Specialists do not consistently receive clear reasons for the referral or adequate information on tests that have already been done. Primary care physicians do not often receive information about what happened in a referral visit.

  • Referral staff deal with many different processes and lost information, which means that care is less efficient.

We are hired by families to stay with families every step of the way.  By hiring a KayBee Nurse, the goal is to ensure the care team understands how the needs and preferences of our senior clients and families impact every decision.  From years of experience as nurses, KayBee nurses are skilled at getting the right information communicated at the right time to the right people.  Communication is important to ensure safe, appropriate, and effective care for our senior clients.


How a KayBee Nurse Spends Their Time


The story behind the name

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KayBee is named in memory of Kay Beeson, Aunt of KayBee nurse, Jean Ross.

Inspired by her aunt, Jean started KayBee to find ways to support seniors and families in her community.

Jean was a practicing critical care nurse until 2016, when she began focusing on transitions in care for seniors under her start-up idea Health Planner, LLC. 

After Aunt Kay's passing on July 25, 2017, Jean set out to better understand the challenges faced by families as parents aged.  While every family is unique, the challenges of aging are often similar when it comes to coordinating transitions, resources, and setting end-of-life goals. KayBee was created to take the stress out of getting older so families can focus on being together.